Will A King Size Mattress Fit In A Cargo Van?

Will A King Size Mattress Fit In A Cargo Van?

If you’re thinking about taking a road trip or doing some camping, a cargo van is often an excellent option. These vans are large enough for several people to travel together comfortably, and the back is big enough for sleeping, so you don’t have to worry about setting up a tent, hauling a camper, or renting a hotel room.

However, it’s important to get a feel for the dimensions of a cargo van and what type of mattress it can hold before you decide what to do.

Will A King Size Mattress Fit In A Cargo Van?

How big is a king mattress?

A standard king mattress is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, or 1.93 meters wide and just over 2 meters long. California king mattresses are slightly longer and narrower. They measure 72 inches or 1.83 meters wide and 84 inches or 2.13 meters long.

King mattresses specifically designed for use in RVs are also available. These mattresses are only 72 inches or 1.83 meters wide and 80 inches or about 2 meters long.

There are a few other types of king mattresses, including the Texas, Wyoming, and Alaska king sizes. However, these mattresses are designed to be used in very large bedrooms on large bedframes, and they would not work well for traveling.

woman laying on king size mattress

Cargo Van Dimensions

The interior dimensions of a cargo van vary depending on the age, make, and model of the particular van. On average, though, a cargo van is usually between about 48 and 67 inches or 1.22 and 1.7 meters wide at the floor.

Most cargo vans narrow slightly at the top, and the top of the van can be up to 12 inches narrower than the bottom. It’s also important to note that many cargo vans have wheel wells that protrude onto the floor of the van.

cargo van wheel wells

The opening at the door might be 67 inches wide, but the space between the wheel wells might only measure 51 inches or about 1.3 meters on larger vans. The depth of the cargo space in a cargo van is between 87 and 134 inches, on average. This is between 2.2 and 3.4 meters. The interior height of the van is usually between 50 inches or 1.27 meters and 62 inches or 1.58 meters.

Cargo Van Door Openings

If you are trying to fit a large object, such as a mattress, into a standard van, a minivan, or an SUV, it’s important to take the size of the door opening into account.

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In vehicles like these, the door opening is often slightly smaller than the interior size, so even if the mattress will fit inside, it can be difficult or impossible to get it through the door.

With cargo vans, this is less of an issue. Cargo vans feature door hinges that extend much more than those in a standard van or SUV. This helps to ensure that the doors are completely folded back and out of the way.

It also ensures that the door opening dimensions are almost always the same size as the interior dimensions. However, it’s still a good idea to check that the doors on your cargo van function this way.

men unloading a cargo van

Will a king mattress fit in a cargo van?

If you simply want to transport a king mattress, you should have no problem fitting it in a cargo van. Most cargo vans can accommodate the full length of even a California king mattress.

You can also tip the mattress so it sits diagonally in the van. Most cargo vans are tall enough that fitting a king mattress in diagonally shouldn’t be an issue.

However, if you want the king mattress to lie flat in the back of the van so that you can sleep on it, it most likely won’t fit.

Most cargo vans have a maximum width of 67 inches, which is 9 inches less than the width of a standard king and 5 inches less than the width of a California king or even an RV king. Even very large cargo vans can rarely accommodate a king mattress when laying flat.

Other Mattress Options

If your van isn’t large enough to hold a king-size mattress, you still have other options. A twin or extra-long twin mattress is a great option for a smaller cargo van, as these mattresses are only 38 inches or 0.97 meters wide.

Full mattresses are 53 inches or 1.35 meters wide, so they will fit in most average-sized cargo vans. A queen mattress, which is 60 inches or 1.524 meters wide, might fit in a large cargo van, but carefully measure between the wheel wells to ensure that it will lie flat.

You can also have a mattress custom-made to fit in a specific space. Custom mattresses are often requested by RV enthusiasts or people who use their vehicles for travel, and they can be designed to fit perfectly into the designated space.

These mattresses are also made to be lightweight and easy to move around, so it’s not as much of a hassle to transport them or fit them into the van.

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