Will A Pool Table Fit In A Pickup Truck?

Will A Pool Table Fit In A Pickup Truck?

Using a pickup truck to move a pool table from one place to another might seem like a great idea.

Moving a pool table is not too difficult unless it won’t fit in the vehicle you are using to transport it. Then it becomes frustrating and stressful.

It’s important to know that not all pool tables are the same size and not all pickup trucks are the same size.

If you measure ahead of time to ensure the pool table will fit in the back of a pickup truck will eliminate the stress and make the move go much smoother.

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Will A Pool Table Fit In A Pickup Truck?

Yes, in many cases a pool table will fit in the cargo area of a pickup truck. But this will depend on a few factors. The size of the pool table and the available cargo space in the truck bed are the biggest factors in determining if the pool table will fit.

You should check to see if the pool table is able to be disassembled. This will be a huge help and allow for more space in the truck. Also, confirm that the pickup truck’s tailgate is working properly.

In many cases, the legs of the table will need to be removed in order for the table to lay flat on the tailgate of the truck.

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Pool table dimensions

As mentioned, not all pool tables are the same size. A regulation-size 9-foot pool table has the dimensions of 100 inches long x 50 inches wide. These tables are commonly used in tournaments.

Most people who own a pool table at home will usually have an 8-foot pool table with the dimensions of 88 inches long x 44 inches wide.

Other pool table sizes:

  • Snooker pool tables are 12-foot (140 inches by 70 inches)
  • Oversized pool tables are 10-foot (112 inches by 56 inches)
  • Pro 8 pool tables are 8-foot (92 inches by 46 inches)
  • Larger bar box pool tables are 7-foot plus (72-82 inches by 39-41 inches)
  • Bar box pool tables are 7-foot (74-78 inches by 37-39 inches)
  • Small bar box pool tables are 6-foot (70-74 inches by 35-37 inches)
pool table dimensions

Now that you know the dimensions of a pool table, let’s look at the dimensions of a pickup truck bed.

Pickup truck bed dimensions

The available cargo space of a pickup truck will vary as there are many different makes and models. Pickup trucks can either be a 1/4 ton, 1/2 ton, 3/4, or 1 ton and they can all have different truck bed dimensions.

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A standard 1/2 ton pickup truck like the GMC Sierra, has a bed size of 79.4 inches long x 71.4 inches wide. This is for the standard box size.

A short box has the dimensions of 69.9 inches long x 71.4 inches wide.

A long box has the dimensions of 98.2 inches long x 71.4 inches wide.

Depending on the size of the pool table that you are moving, it may or may not fit in a GMC Sierra.

One option to increase the available space in the truck is to open the tailgate. A standard 8-foot-long pool table will fit lengthwise with the tailgate open.

When placing a pool table in the back of a pickup truck, it’s not the width that you need to be considered about, it’s the length.

In most cases, the length of the truck bed and the length of the pool table will be the limiting factors.

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Considerations for moving a pool table in a pickup truck

If you need to use the tailgate of the pickup truck for extra length to set the pool table on, make sure that the legs of the table can be removed.

The table when flat can be positioned on the tailgate, then tied down and secured. With the legs on the table, using the tailgate may not be possible as the legs could hang over the end.

Smaller-sized pool tables may fit in a pickup truck with the tailgate closed but a tournament size or standard size will not.

Most pool tables are quite heavy and you should ensure that others are available to help load the table onto the truck bed.

Always ensure that the pool table is tied or strapped down and secure while being transported. Some pickup trucks have a cover that can help keep everything secure.

In many cases, a pool table will fit in a pickup truck.


Other options for transporting a pool table

If you don’t have a pickup truck available to transport a pool table, there are other options.

Many rental car companies will offer trucks and vans for rent.

If you are buying a new pool table from a store, ask them if they offer delivery. This will most likely be an additional expense but it will be a safer option and you won’t be liable for damages during the move.


So in many cases, a pool table will fit in a pickup truck. But not always. You need to measure both the table and truck bed to ensure the table will fit. Keep in mind that the pool table’s legs will most likely need to be removed and the tailgate of the truck will be needed if moving a pool table that is longer than the truck bed.

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