things that are 2 inches in diameter

11 Things That Are 2 Inches In Diameter

Before I show you 11 things that are 2 inches in diameter, it’s important to know what diameter is.

If you have one line that goes through the center of a circle and touches both sides of it, the length of that line is the diameter.

Knowing the diameter of a specific item can be very helpful especially if you are comparing it to something else.

If you know the diameter of 1 item, then you can use it to compare the diameter of others.

If you take a look at the many items that are 2″ in diameter, it will be easy to judge the diameter of other things that are around the same size.

It may not be an exact measurement but it will be close.

Example of measuring diameter:

The diameter of the log below is 25″ using the tape measure.

person measuring the diameter of a log

Did you know? 2 inches is equal to 5.08 centimeters or 50.8 millimeters.

I did some research and found the following 11 items had a diameter of around 2 inches.

  1. Soda can
  2. Roll of tape
  3. Vacuum cleaner wheel
  4. Pool ball
  5. Baseball bat
  6. Candle
  7. Lemon
  8. Tweeter speaker
  9. PVC plumbing
  10. Flat washer
  11. Curtain rod

#1. Soda can

A soda can is a metal container used to hold many common beverages throughout the world.

A standard-size soda can will hold 12oz of liquid and have the dimensions of 4.83″ tall and 2.13″ diameter across the top of the can.

The widest point of the can measures 2.6 inches.

soda can diameter

#2. Roll of tape

Tape rolls can come in many sizes. There is not a one size fits all tape roll that I know of.

One of the most commonly used tapes that many households have is scotch tape.

This is more of an all-purpose tape that works great on small jobs.

If you look at the actual roll of scotch tape without the holder, it will have a diameter of around 2.9″ with the plastic cylinder insert.

When the tape is approximately half used, it will have a diameter of 2.28″ and when fully used, the diameter is 1.4″.

The formula to calculate that is quite complicated, but if you are interested in checking it out just click here.

#3. Vacuum cleaner wheel

Like a few other things mentioned on this list, the diameter of certain items can be more or less.

This is true for vacuum cleaner wheels. Depending on the type of vacuum being used, the wheel sizes can vary.

Looking at a standard upright vacuum cleaner, it’s common for them to have wheels with a diameter of 2″-2.25″ which is very close to the diameter of a soda can.

upright vacuum wheels

#4. Pool ball

set of pool balls

Pool or billiards is one of the more common games to play that takes a lot of skill to perfect.

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People often wonder how big pool balls are and the answer is they are all the same.

With the exception of the cue ball. According to the World pool-billiard association, the diameter of a pool ball is 2.25″ or 57mm.

The white cue ball is 1/8″ larger than the others.

#5. Baseball bat

Most baseball bats are either metal or wood with wood being used by major league baseball.

Baseball players can use different-sized bats which can also vary in weight.

It’s common for a baseball bat to be around 2″ in diameter and the maximum diameter allowed to be used is 2.75″.

baseball bats leaning against a wall

#6. Candle

burning candle

Candles are made in many different sizes and if you are looking for a specific candle, you should have no problem finding the right one.

Too many options are available to list. But many pillar-style candles will have a diameter of exactly 2″.

It’s common to see a pillar candle with the dimensions of 6″ tall x 2″ in diameter.

#7. Lemon

The lemon is a citrus fruit that is commonly used for cooking and in certain beverages.

Other uses are for household cleaning and health benefits.

Although not all lemons are the same size, most lemons you will see in the grocery store will be around 2″ in diameter.

lemon cut into slices

#8. Tweeter speaker

A tweeter speaker is also known as a treble speaker and is used to produce high audio frequencies as a loudspeaker.

The normal range of frequencies is between 2 kHz and 20 kHz although special tweeters can reach 100 kHz.

These speakers all vary in size but it is common to use 2″ tweeters in many vehicle speakers.

car speaker

#9. PVC plumbing

PVC pipe is used for many plumbing jobs around the house, commercial use, drainage systems, fire sprinkler systems, and more.

PVC is affordable, durable, and easy to use. It is readily available at most hardware stores and comes in different sizes.

Although one of the most popular sizes is 1″ PVC, it’s common to use 2″ diameter PVC plumbing for certain uses.

#10. Flat washer

Flat washers are normally used in conjunction with a bolt and positioned under the head to provide a smooth bearing surface.

They will also ensure that the load is distributed over a wider area.

These washers are made from a variety of materials from plastic, nylon, and steel.

They also come in a variety of sizes and a flat washer that is 2″ in diameter is very effective due to its large size.

pair of metal washers

#11. Curtain rod

Many households use curtain rods to hold a curtain either closer or away from a window.

Of course, all windows will be different sizes and so will the curtain rod being used.

Not only are the lengths different but the diameter can be as well.

Curtain rod diameter can range from 1″ to 2.5″ or more with 2″ size being quite common.

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