7 Things That Are 12 Feet Tall

7 Things That Are 12 Feet Tall (You Won’t Believe #5)

This article will show you a list of items that are around 12 feet tall.

It can be difficult to determine how tall 12 feet really is unless you have a measuring tool on hand. 

If you are trying to estimate the height of something, learning about different items of the same height can be helpful and you will be more accurate with your estimations. 

Here are 7 things that are 12 feet tall.

  1. African elephant
  2. 2 Refrigerators
  3. 12 Rulers
  4. Garage door
  5. 6 Golden retrievers
  6. 10 Bowling pins
  7. 4 Tennis nets
7 Things That Are 12 Feet Tall

How tall is 12 feet?

12 feet is equal to 4 yards or 3.65 meters. It is also equal to 365.76 centimeters or 144 inches.

1. African elephant

The African elephant is one of the most recognizable animals in the world.

It is a great example of something that measures 12 feet tall. 

Although their height can vary from 8 feet to 13 feet tall, it is common to see an adult African elephant stand 12 feet tall from shoulder to the ground. 

The male African elephants will grow to be larger than the females, although the females can still reach this height.

Not only is the African elephant tall, but they are known to weigh up to 14,000 pounds

2. 2 Refrigerators

Most people are familiar with a standard size refrigerator that is commonly used in many households.

These fridges are normally around 6 feet tall. So picturing 2 of them together would equal 12 feet tall.

Although different sized refrigerators are available, like mini fridges and bar fridges, referencing 2 full sized fridges will give you an idea of 12 feet in height.

3. 12 Rulers

A ruler is one of the best items to reference when trying to estimate the height or length of items. 

A standard size ruler like the ones you would see in schools and offices, is 12 inches or 1 foot long. 

If you had 12 rulers lined up together on the floor, they would equal exactly 12 feet long. 

Where each ruler is 1 foot long, you can use it as a guide to guess the length or height of anything you choose.

4. Garage door

If you own a home with a garage, chances are it will have a door.

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Although many garages designed for 1 or 2 cars will have a door height of 7-9 feet, it’s common for garages designed to hold an RV or camper to have a much taller door opening. 

Certain detached garages will have doors that are 12 feet tall at a minimum so it will be suitable for taller vehicles. 

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5. 6 Golden retrievers

Many families looking to have a dog as a pet will choose the golden retriever as they are known to be friendly and have a great personality.

The golden retriever is also a popular choice for families with children as they are known to be great around kids and not aggressive.

Most golden retrievers will grow to be around 2 feet tall. 6 of these dogs placed one on top of the other would equal 12 feet tall.

6. 10 Bowling pins

A bowling pin is a great item to use when comparing the size of certain items.

Many people like to bowl and you may be familiar with how tall a bowling pin is. 

1 bowling pin is 15 inches tall which is 3 inches taller than 1 foot.

So if you can picture 10 bowling pins placed one on top of the other, they would equal 150 inches tall which is 12.5 feet.

7. 4 Tennis nets

A tennis net that is used for pro gameplay around the world has a height of 3.5 feet at both poles and 3 feet at the center of the net.

As the tennis court extends across the court, it has a noticeable sag in the center. 

This sag is 0.5 inches lower than the height of the poles on each end.

The sag in the net is intentional and there for strategic gameplay. 

So if you were to add the heights of 4 tennis nets together measured from the center, combined would equal 12 feet tall. 

How many inches is 12 feet?

If you are looking to convert feet into inches, you will need to multiply the number of feet by 12.

For example, 12 feet is equal to 144 inches.

12 x 12 = 144. 

What animal is 12 feet tall?

As mentioned above, the African elephant can reach 12 feet tall. 

Also, a giraffe can grow to be up to 18 feet tall with some reaching only 12 feet in height.

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