How Long Is 12 Inches Compared To An Object?

How Long Is 12 Inches Compared To An Object?

If you are curious about how long 12 inches is, it can be very helpful to compare it to certain objects that you can relate to in terms of size.

Many people struggle to determine the length of 12 inches if you don’t have a measuring tool handy. 

This article will show you how 12 inches compare to a variety of objects which is a practical way to visualize this length. 

How long is 12 inches?

12 inches is commonly known as 1 foot in length. It is also equal to 30.48 centimeters or 0.33 yards.

If you place 12 normal-sized paper clips together in a row, they would equal 12 inches long.

Each paperclip is 1 inch long. 

Other items that can be used to compare 12 inches are:

One-tenth basketball hoop height

The height of a regulation basketball hoop is 10 feet tall.

This is measured from the ground to the basketball rim.

Knowing that 12 inches is equal to 1 foot, it’s easy to see that one-tenth of that height is equal to 12 inches. 

2L Soda bottle

One of the easiest objects to use when comparing 12 inches, is the 2L soda bottle.

These are commonly seen in supermarkets and corner stores and each bottle is equal to 12 inches or 1 foot in length.

If you need to refer to something that is 12 inches long, use a 2L soda bottle. 

The common-sized door in the USA will have a doorknob that is 3 feet off the ground.

So if you picture one-third of that height, it will be easy to determine the size of 12 inches. 

One-fifteenth of a mid-size sedan

Cars are a great item to reference for length purposes.

Most mid-size sedans are close to 15 feet long. If you could divide this car into 15 equal parts, each part would equal 12 inches.

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Therefore one-fifteenth of a mid-size sedan is equal to 12 inches long. 

Half the height of a German Shepherd

A German Shepherd is one of the most common dogs kept by families as a pet.

On average, an adult German Shepherd will stand 2 feet or 24 inches tall.

Picturing half of that height will give you an excellent reference for something that measures 12 inches. 

One-quarter of a golf club

If you are a golf player, you will know that not all golf clubs are the same size.

Most drivers used by golfers are 48 inches long.

One-quarter of the length of these clubs equals 12 inches.

Cutting a golf driver into 4 equal parts will give you four 12 inch pieces. 

6 Lemons

Did you know that the diameter of an averaged size lemon is 2 inches?

If you have 6 lemons placed together in a row, they will equal close to 12 inches long.

This is an easy and quick way to get a sense of how long 12 inches is. 

2 Salad forks

Salad forks are smaller than a dinner fork and are meant to be used when eating salads.

Many salad forks are 6 inches long, so if you put 2 of these forks together, they will equal 12 inches or 1 foot long. 

2.5 popsicle sticks

You can use the length of a popsicle stick to measure other items as they are around 4.5 inches in length.

Actually, they are 4.475 to be exact.

To give you an idea of how long 12 inches is, break a popsicle stick in half then place it together with 2 other ones.

Together they will equal very close to 12 inches long. 

Ipad Pro 2nd Gen

If you are familiar with the Apple iPad and have an iPad 2nd generation pro, they are exactly 12 inches in height.

Other models of the iPad are smaller than this model by around 3 inches.

Using the iPad Pro 2nd gen will show you exactly how long 12 inches is. 

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