9 Things That Are 200 Feet Tall

9 Things That Are 200 Feet Tall

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It can be difficult to visualize exactly how tall 200 feet really is and this height is not something that would normally be measured with a measuring tape or ruler.

200 feet is commonly used to describe larger distances, lengths, and heights like buildings, structures, and airport runway widths.

If you can reference other common items that are similar to 200 feet, it becomes much easier to visualize and get a sense of how tall this really is.

Here are 9 things that are 200 feet tall.

  1. Airport control tower
  2. 20 story building
  3. Magnum XL-200 roller coaster
  4. 2 Cottonwood trees
  5. 20 African elephants
  6. 7 telephone poles
  7. Half of the Mira Tower
  8. 20 basketball hoops
  9. Boeing 777-300 wingspan

Airport control tower

Not all control towers at major airports are the same size, but an example of one that is 200 feet tall is at the airport in Birmingham, Alabama USA. 

This control tower finished construction in 2000 but didn’t open until May 2001 and cost 12 Million dollars to build. 

If you are a frequent flyer or travel to Birmingham International Airport, have a look at the control tower and this will show you how tall 200 feet really is.

A 20 story building

Not all buildings around the world are the same size and they can vary in size and shape.

But if you are trying to get an idea of a 200-foot tall building, check out one that has 20 stories.

On average, a 10 story building is 100 feet tall and a 200 building is 200 feet tall. This is not an exact measurement as you need to consider the size and shape of roofs, towers, or anything else that may be on top of the building. 

Roller Coaster

The famous Magnum XL-200 hypercoaster is located at Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH, USA. 

It is the first-ever roller coaster to reach 200 feet high and holds a Guinness Book of World Record. 

This roller coaster started operating in 1989 and was the fastest and steepest roller coaster in the world at the time.

Not only is the Magnum XL-200 200 feet high, but if you were to ride this roller coaster, you will be moving at 72 MPH and the ride will last 2 hours and 45 minutes. 

2 Cottonwood trees

One of the largest and fastest-growing trees is the Cottonwood.

These trees can grow to around 100 feet tall and some may reach 100 feet wide. 

The Cottonwood generally grows around 5-6 feet every year and they are mostly found around rivers and ponds and other areas of water. 

They are also commonly planted in parks and are a great tree if you’re looking for shade. 

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To get a sense of how tall 200 feet is, imagine the height of 2 Cottonwood trees. 

20 African Elephants

The African Elephant is well known for its huge size and weight. 

In fact, these elephants are the largest land animals in the world. 

The size of these elephants can vary, and males are larger in size and weight than females. 

On average a male African elephant can reach up to 10 feet tall and weigh up to 6 tonnes which is 12,000 pounds. It’s possible for them to weigh even more. 

Knowing that these elephants can be up to 10 feet tall, you would need to visualize 20 of them to get a sense of how tall 200 feet is. 

7 Telephone poles

Telephone poles can be found pretty much everywhere and depending on where you live, the size of these poles can vary.

The height of these poles can be around 30-40 feet tall which is common in most residential areas. 

Picturing the height of 7 telephone poles will give you a sense of how tall 200 feet really is. 

Half of the Mira Tower

One of the most unique buildings you will ever see is the Mira Tower located in San Francisco, USA. 

This spiral-shaped tower is 40 stories tall and consists of condos that are available for purchase. 

If you travel to San Francisco, the Mira Tower is located on the waterfront and is not hard to find. 

As this skyscraper stands around 400 feet high, visualizing half of this height will show you how tall 200 feet is. 

20 Basketball hoops

Another great reference for determining height is to look at a basketball hoop. 

Most people are familiar with how tall a basketball hoop is and in professional leagues like the NBA, they are placed 10 feet off the ground.

So if you picture the height of a basketball hoop which is 10 feet tall, imagine the height of 20 of them to get a sense of 200 feet tall. 

10 feet high basketball hoop

Boeing 777 Wingspan

The Boeing 777 aircraft is one of the largest passenger airplanes in the world. 

The Boeing 777-300 model was first flown in 1994 and can hold up to 368 passengers. 

The wingspan on an airplane is the distance measured from one wingtip to the other. 

On this particular aircraft, the wingspan is 212 feet long. 

Referencing the wingspan of the Boeing 777-300 is a good example of something that is close to 200 feet. 

aircraft wingspan 200 feet

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