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How Heavy Is 4 Tons? (11 Interesting Examples)

This article will discuss the massive weight of 4 tons in detail and provide you with some examples of just how heavy 4 tons really is.

It can be difficult to understand how heavy 4 tons is without having some references.

I have put together a list of items that weigh 4 tons to give you a better idea of this weight.

  1. Twin engine airplane
  2. Two pickup trucks
  3. 210 Cement blocks
  4. 190 Sheets of plywood
  5. 100 Bundles of roofing shingles
  6. 2 Small electric cars
  7. 40 Foot shipping container
  8. 16 Male tigers
  9. 2 Pallets of sods
  10. 571 Bowling balls
  11. 266 Mountain bikes

What does a ton mean?

Mainly used in the United States, although a few other countries like Myanmar and Liberia still use it, a ton is a of measurement in the imperial system.

Depending on where you live, a ton can equal different weights.

For example, in the USA and Canada, a ton is equal to 2,000 pounds or 907.18 kg. This is known as a short ton.

In Britian, a ton is equal to 2,240 pounds or 1,016.5 kg. This is known as a long ton.

1 ton metal block

Difference between ton and tonne

People are often confused by the meaning of the words ton and tonne.

Both are mass units of measurement but have different meanings.

Simply put, a ton is an imperial unit of mass that equals 2,000 pounds or 907.18 kg commonly used in the USA. A tonne is a metric unit of mass that equals 2,204.6 pounds or 1,000 kg commonly used in Britian and other countries around the world.

How heavy is 4 tons? (Imperial system)

4 tons is equal to:

  • 8000 pounds
  • 128000 ounces
  • 571.43 stone

How heavy is 4 tonnes? (Metric system)

4 tonnes is equal to:

  • 3628.74 kilograms
  • 3628740 grams

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Things that weigh 4 tons

1. Twin engine airplane

If you are familiar with airplanes, there are a few small twin engine aircraft that weigh close to 4 tons.

An example is the PA-31 Piper Navajo, which is a commonly used aircraft for cargo and passenger service.

Although it’s not exactly 4 tons or 8,000 pounds when fully loaded but it’s close and gives a great example of how heavy 4 tons is.

piper navajo airplane in flight

2. Two Pickup trucks

Not all pickup trucks are the same weight. They can vary based on make and model.

One of the most popular pickup trucks sold around the world is the Ford F-150.

The F-150 has a curb weight of close to 4,000 pounds. 2 of them will weigh close to 8,000 pound or 4 tons together.

pair of ford f150 trucks

3. 210 cement blocks

If you are into construction or home renovations, you will be familiar with a cement block.

These cement blocks are quite bulky and can be very difficult to move by one person.

A common sized cement block has dimensions of 16″ x 8″ x 8″ and weighs close to 38 pounds each.

Imagine stacking 210 of these blocks into piles one on top of each other.

If you could do that, you would have around 8,000 pounds or 4 tons of cement clocks.

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4. 190 Sheets of plywood

Also common with construction and home building, sheets of plywood are used be most builders.

A 4 x 8 sheet of plywood is actually heavier than a cinder block mentioned above weighing close to 42 pounds.

If you are at a hardware store like Home Depot, you will often see tall stacks of plywood sheets that are moved around the yard.

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It would take 190 sheets of plywood to equal close to 4 tons.

stack of plywood on a cart in a store

5. 100 Bundle of roofing shingles

Not all roofing shingles are the same and they can vary in weight.

Most people are familiar with the common architectural asphalt shingles that you see on many houses.

These shingles are often packaged into bundles with 29 shingles per bundle. Each shingle is 13″ x 36″ in size.

A bundle of shingles will cover around 33 square feet of area.

Each bundle of shingles weigh between 60 to 80 pounds. Let’s use 80 pounds for reference.

Therefore you would need 100 bundles of roofing shingles to equal 8,000 pounds or 4 tons.

6. Two small electric cars

As electric vehicles are becoming more popular, people are often surprised by how much they weigh.

It’s interesting to learn that a small electric car can weigh as much as a full size SUV or pickup truck.

For example, the 2023 Nissan Leaf EV is a lightweight EV but can weigh as much as 3,934 pounds.

Therefore, you would only need 2 Nissan Leaf EV’s to equal close to 8,000 pounds or 4 tons.

7. 40 Foot shipping container

Shipping containers can be used in a variety of ways, but are commonly used for storage and shipping items via train, truck, and ship.

Normal shipping containers are either 20 feet or 40 feet in length and they can vary in weight.

But on average, a 40 foot shipping container empty weighs between 3.8 to 4.2 tons.

The next time you see a 40 foot shipping container on a ship, know that it weighs very close to 4 tons.

That’s if it’s empty! A fully loaded shipping container will weigh considerably more.

shipping container white background

8. 16 Male tigers

Did you know that the tiger is the largest living cat species in the world?

When fully grown, an adult tiger can vary in size and weight and males are normally larger and heavier than females.

On average, an adult female Bengal tiger weighs around 300 pounds. This can vary between 175 to 380 pounds.

A male Bengal tiger weighs around 500 pounds. This can vary between 400 to 600 pounds.

Therefore, 16 male Bengal tigers weigh close to 8,000 pounds or 4 tons.

male tiger laying down on grass

9. 2 Pallet of sods

If you are laying sods for a new lawn, or simply replacing sods, you may be inclined to order sods by the pallet.

If you need a full pallet of sods for the job, you may be considering hauling them in your truck.

If that’s the case, it’s important to know the weight as your truck will be limited in the amount of weight and space it can hold.

On average, a dry pallet of sods will weigh between 2,000 to 3,000 pounds.

If the pallets have been outside in the rain, the water will add considerable weight to the sods.

A pallet of wet sods can weigh up to 4,000 pounds.

Therefore, it’s possible for 2 pallets of sods to equal 8,000 pounds or 4 tons.

10. 571 Bowling balls

Depending on the person playing, the weight of bowling ball used can vary.

Smaller bowling balls can weigh 6 pounds while larger ones can reach 16 pounds.

The average adult player uses a bowling ball that weighs 12 to 14 pounds.

You would need to have 571 bowling balls that average 14 pounds each to weigh 4 tons.

11. 266 Mountain bikes

There are a variety of mountain bikes available for purchase and they can vary in materials, sizes, and weights.

Most mountain bikes sold in stores will weigh between 28 to 32 pounds.

Everyone who rides a mountain bike is different and one person can use a bike that is heavier than another.

Normally, people choose a lighter bike for their needs.

But if you consider the average mountain bike weighs 30 pounds, you will need 266 of them to equal 4 tons.

Mountain Bike cyclist riding single track outdoor

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