How Far Is 500 Meters?

How Far Is 500 Meters? (Examples Shown)

In this article, you will learn exactly how far 500 meters is along with some examples.

500 meters is not a far distance but it can be difficult to determine without having a reference to use for comparison.

The measurement of 500 meters is commonly used to reference distance so using the following information will be helpful when judging just how far that really is.

How Far Is 500 Meters?  woman looking through binoculars

How many miles are in 500 meters?

If you are not familiar with using meters as a unit of measurement, you can easily convert it to miles.

Before you convert meters to miles, it’s easier to convert it to kilometers first as you simply just need to divide the number of meters by 1000.

In our example, 500 meters divided by 1000 = 0.5 kilometers.

Now we can convert that to miles. One kilometer is equal to about 0.621 miles, so there are about 0.31 miles in 0.5 kilometers or 500 meters.

Now we know that 500 meters is equal to 0.5 kilometers or 0.31 kilometers.

500 meters equals 0.5 kilometers or 0.31 miles.

How long would it take to walk 500 meters?

The time it takes to walk a certain distance can vary from person to person as we all tend to walk at different speeds.

There are certain factors that can affect our walking speed like weather conditions and terrain conditions. Also, your overall health can affect your walking speed.

You can walk on a flat smooth surface faster than you can walk on rough terrain or deep grass.

However, on average, a person will walk a distance of 1 mile in 15-22 minutes.

Let’s say it will take 20 minutes to walk 1 mile.

Knowing that 500 meters equal 0.31 miles, it will take an average person around 6 minutes to walk 500 meters.

man walking on highway

Convert 500 meters to other units of measurement

500 meters is also equal to:

  • 1640 feet
  • 547 yards
  • 19685 inches
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Examples of how far 500 meters is

21 Tennis courts

Most people are familiar with tennis courts which are 78 feet in length. If you can imagine 21 tennis courts placed together in a row, they would equal 1638 feet long which is almost exactly 500 meters long.

tennis court dimensions

1.5 Cruise ships

If you have been on a cruise ship you will know just how large they can be. Not all cruise ships are the same size, but on average, a cruise ship is between 1000-1200 feet long.

If you can imagine one-and-a-half cruise ships in length, they would equal close to 1500-1800 feet long which is about 500 meters long.

cruise ship with dimensions

41 School buses

School buses are not all the same size as some are larger than others. A school bus that you would see at a high school is considered to be a large bus and measures between 35-45 feet long.

If we use the average bus of 40 feet long, it will equal about 12 meters in length.

Therefore placing 41 school buses together in a row would equal 500 meters.

parked school bus

8 Airbus A380 aircraft wingspan

The wingspan of an airplane is the distance measured from the tip of one wing to the tip of the other wing. This distance is normally measured in feet.

aircraft wingspan

As airplanes are not all the same size, the wingspan will be different for each plane.

The largest passenger aircraft in the world is the Airbus A380 which has a wingspan of 197.8 feet which is 60.28 meters.

If you could place 8 of these aircraft side by side or wingtip to wingtip, they would equal 1582.4 feet or 482.24 meters which is close to measuring 500 meters.

airbus a380
Airbus A380

2.5 Acres of land

If you own land, you will be familiar with the size of an acre of land. 1 Acre of land has measurements of 660 feet long x 66 feet wide which equals 43,650 square feet.

Knowing that the length of 1 acre of land is 660 feet long, 2.5 acres of land equals 1650 feet in length which is very close to 500 meters long.

paper with many lots of land

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