What Are The Dimensions Of A 32 Inch TV?

What Are The Dimensions Of A 32 Inch TV?

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Last updated on September 22nd, 2023 at 06:05 pm

One of the most popular size TVs for apartments, bedrooms, RVs and other spaces is a 32-inch. 

If you are looking to buy a 32-inch tv, it’s important to know its dimensions ahead of time to ensure it will fit in the desired space.

It’s a common misconception that all 32-inch TVs are the same size. 

This is not the case as they can all vary depending on the model and brand you choose.

Also, the size of the screen will be smaller than the actual size of the tv including the frame.

Check out the following information to learn the actual dimensions of a 32-inch tv. 

What Are The Dimensions Of A 32 Inch TV?

32 Inch TV dimensions

To determine the actual size of a tv, you need to consider the width, height, and depth.

The width of the tv is measured from side to side or from one edge to the other. 

Height is measured from top to bottom and depth is the actual thickness of the tv from front to back.

You will find that the newer modern-style flat-screen TVs are much thinner than they used to be. 

It’s common for a 32-inch tv to be only 2 or 3 inches thick without the stand. 

The average dimensions of a 32-inch tv are 29 inches wide, 17 inches tall, and 3 inches thick. These measurements are without the stand. If you include the stand, the depth of the tv will increase to around 8 inches. But this number can vary slightly.

A great example of a 32-inch tv is the Samsung Q60A Series

This TV has the dimensions of 28.47” W x 6.07” D x 18.80” H with the stand and 28.47” W x 1.17” D x 16.75” H without the stand. The tv itself is only 1.17” thick. 

The following image shows the dimensions and screen size of the Samsung Q60A 32-inch tv. 

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Although the tv is only 28.47 inches wide, it is considered a 32-inch tv due to its screen size. 

The 32-inch measurement is taken diagonally from each corner. This is the screen size. 

If you need to know the dimensions in centimeters, they are 72.31 wide x 15.41 deep x 47.75 tall with the stand and 72.31 wide x 2.97 deep x 42.54 without the stand.

32 inch tv dimensions

Samsung 32 inch tv dimensions

The following table shows other Samsung 32-inch tv dimensions.

Samsung ModelSize Inches Size Centimeters
Q60A28.47″ W x 1.17″ D x 16.75″ H 72.31 W x 2.97 D x 42.54 H
M4500A29.3″ W x 2.7″ D x 17.4″ H74.4 W x 6.85 D x 44.2 H
UN32N530028.9″ W x 3.1″ x 17.3″ H73.41 W x 7.87 D x 43.94 H

Will a 32-inch tv fit in my car?

One advantage of buying a 32-inch tv is that it will fit in most cars easily. If the tv is brand new in the box, it should still fit.

There is a chance it may not fit in a small compact car, but if you own a sedan or SUV, you won’t have a problem loading it either in the back seat or through the hatch.

Being able to fit a 32-inch tv into your vehicle is not only convenient, but it will save money on a delivery charge or a car rental. 

An average-sized 32 inch tv has the dimensions of 29″ wide, 17″ tall, and 3″ deep.

Best room size for a 32-inch tv

Once you decide on the space for your new tv, you will have the option of wall mounting it or placing it on a stand. 

Another advantage a 32-inch tv has over larger TVs is you will have more options regarding placement. 

You can place a 32-inch tv in smaller spaces compared to a 65-inch tv or a 75-inch tv which are considerably larger. 

It’s common to use a 32-inch tv in bedrooms, dens, and smaller living rooms.

A rule of thumb is to plan to sit a certain distance from the tv based on its size.

This is known as the viewing distance.

On average, you should sit 3 times the vertical screen size of the tv away.

For example, the normal viewing distance for a 32-inch tv is around 4 feet. 

3 x 16.75 inches = 50.25 inches which is just over 4 feet. 

Providing you can sit around 4 feet from a 32-inch tv comfortably, you won’t need a large room.

viewing distance from 32 inch tv

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