How Big Is A 34-Inch Monitor?

How Big Is A 34-Inch Monitor? (Exact Size)

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Last updated on October 25th, 2023 at 02:45 pm

One of the most important considerations when buying a new monitor is its actual size. This is confusing for many people as the size 34-inch doesn’t actually mean the monitor is 34 inches wide or tall.

If you are not familiar with how a tv or monitor is measured and how its size is determined, you may end up buying the wrong size monitor.

The number provided by the manufacturer is the length of the screen measured diagonally from corner to corner.

If you measure the monitor from top to bottom and side to side (height and width), you will notice those dimensions will be different and neither one will be 34 inches.

If you have a flat screen tv, you will notice they are measured the same way. For example, a 75-inch tv screen measures 75 inches diagonally from corner to corner.

The actual height of the tv will be around 38 inches and the width will be around 65 inches.

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34-inch monitor dimensions

To accurately know the size of a monitor, you need to consider the width, height, and thickness.

Most 34-inch monitors will measure 32 inches wide x 17 inches tall. The thickness can vary for each monitor but on average they will be 3″ thick. The dimensions can vary for each monitor brand.

There are a few factors that can affect a monitor’s actual dimensions. They are:

  • Aspect ratio
  • Bezel size

The bezel size can vary for different brands. One monitor can have a 2-inch wide trim while another might have a 3-inch wide trim. This will affect the overall size of the monitor.

For example, the LG 34WQ650 has dimensions of 32.1 inches wide x 22.4 inches tall x 10.2 inches wide with the stand.

34-inch monitor dimensions
34-inch monitor dimensions

The dimensions for the monitor does not include the stand. The height of the stand can vary between brands but on average, a stand will add 4-6 inches to the overall height.

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If you have a desk-style monitor, the stand height can be taller.

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How big is a 34-inch monitor compared to a 27-inch monitor?

If you place a 34-inch monitor next to a 27-inch monitor, you will notice a size difference. Obviously, the 34-inch monitor will be larger.

If you were to measure the 27-inch monitor screen size diagonally from corner to corner, you will see that it is 7 inches smaller than the 34-inch monitor.

As mentioned above, the dimensions of a 34-inch monitor are 32 inches wide and 17 inches tall.

A 27-inch monitor has dimensions of 24 inches wide and 17 inches tall.

Therefore the 34-inch monitor is 8 inches wider than a 27-inch monitor.

Placing these monitors side by side will show the size difference.

34 inch vs 27 inch monitor size
34 inch vs 27-inch monitor size

Another difference between a 34-inch monitor and a 27-inch monitor is screen resolution.

A 34-inch monitor has a screen resolution of 3440 x 1440 and a 27-inch monitor has a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440.

Before you purchase a new monitor, ensure that you measure the intended location ahead of time. Keep in mind that the actual dimensions of a tv or monitor are different from its screen size.

If you are considering using a wall mount, knowing the actual dimensions of a particular monitor is important. Installing a monitor to tv onto a wall is not difficult but it can be very frustrating when the wrong dimensions are used.

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