What Are The Dimensions Of A Boxing Ring?

What Are The Dimensions Of A Boxing Ring?

If you love the sport of boxing, you will be familiar with a boxing ring and may be wondering about its actual size and dimensions.

This article will show you the exact dimensions of a boxing ring along with other related information.

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Boxing ring dimensions

A boxing ring is used around the world as a platform to hold boxing matches. Although it is called a boxing “ring”, the shape is actually a square and is often called the “squared circle”.

A boxing ring is very similar to a professional wrestling ring but there are differences between them.

Both professional and amateur boxing matches are held inside a boxing ring.

There are many boxing promotions around the world and the size of the boxing ring can vary. Depending on the level of competition and the laws in place where the event is being held, a standard boxing ring will have dimensions ranging from 16 feet x 16 feet square to 24 feet x 24 feet square.

The most common dimensions for a boxing ring is 20 feet x 20 feet square. This measurement is taken from the inside of the ropes.

According to the Texas Department Of Licencing And Regulation (TDLR), the size of a boxing ring “shall be square with sides not less than 16 feet or more than 24 feet inside the ropes”.

Other measurements include:

  • The ring platform can be between 3 and 4 feet off the floor. 40 inches in a common height.
  • The ring posts are 58 inches tall.
  • The height of the ring posts from the floor to the top is 98 inches or around 8 feet tall.
  • The spacing between the ropes is 12 inches or 1 foot except for the bottom rope which is 16 inches above the ring platform.
  • The distance from post to post is 25.7 feet.
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What is a boxing ring made of?

A boxing ring is similar in construction to a wrestling ring. It is basically a wood-based platform that is elevated by steel beams. On top of the wood base, there is padding covered by canvas.

The ring ropes are made with steel cables that are wrapped in soft padding with an outer sleeve.

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How is a boxing ring different from a wrestling ring?

Although a boxing ring and a wrestling ring are similar in many ways, there are some differences.

  • A boxing ring has 4 ropes whereas a wrestling ring uses 3.
  • Unlike a wrestling ring, the ropes are not tightly pulled together.
  • Wrestling ring ropes are spaced 18″ apart. Boxing ring ropes are spaced 12″ apart and 16″ from the ring to the bottom rope.
  • A boxing ring has ropes that are tethered together, a wrestling ring does not.
  • Wrestling rings are generally smaller and don’t exceed 20 feet x 20 feet square. Boxing rings can go up to 24 feet x 24 feet square.
  • Wrestling rings have 4 sides but can often have 6 sides in certain organizations. Boxing only uses a 4 sided ring.

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