11 Things That Are 25 Feet Long

11 Things That Are 25 Feet Long

Items that are exactly 25 feet long can sometimes be difficult to find.

If you want to find out the length of a certain item, it can be helpful to compare it with other items of similar length to get an idea.

Of course, if you have a measuring tool handy, then figuring out the length of something will be easy.

But you won’t always have a measuring tape available so knowing the lengths of other items will certainly help.

I have put together a list of 11 things that are 25 feet long for you to reference.

Did you know? 25 feet equals 7.62 meters or 300 inches.

11 Things That Are 25 Feet Long

1. Garden hose

A garden hose used by most households will come in a few different sizes.

Many people tend to use a 25 foot long garden hose but they are also available in 50 feet and 100 foot lengths.

If you want to know something that is exactly 25 feet long, you can reference a garden hose. 

2. Extension cord

Extension cords are very convenient to have if you have a device with a short power cord. 

Similar to a garden hose, these are available in lengths of 25, 50 ,100 foot lengths. 

They can also be found in shorter lengths as well. 

A 25 foot extension cord is commonly used if you need to plug in an item that is a fair distance away from an outlet. 

Indoor and outdoor extension cords can be purchased in 25 foot lengths. 

3. 4 Refrigerators

Although refrigerators come in a variety of sizes, most standard size fridges in many households are 6 feet tall.

So if you can picture 4 of these fridges together in a row, they would equal around 25 feet long. 

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4. 5 Folding tables

Folding tables are commonly used at large events or in places where extra seating is needed at a table like dances and weddings.

They will normally have a plastic top with folding legs.

Most people are familiar with these tables and they are about 5 feet long. 

If you placed 5 of these tables side by side, they would measure 25 feet long. 

5. 5 Park benches

Similar to the folding tables mentioned above, a park bench will normally be around 5 feet long.

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So if you are looking to picture something that is 25 feet long, image 5 park benches placed together and they will equal close to 25 feet.

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6. 4 Adult males

Using people to get an idea of sizes and measurements is quite common.

Not all people are the same size, but you can look at the average height of men and women to guess sizes of other items.

For example, the average adult female is 63 inches tall which is 5 foot 3 inches. 

The average male is 69 inches tall or 5 foot 9 inches. 

If you can picture 4 adult males placed together in a row, they would equal just under 25 feet long. 

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7. A 2 Car garage

Another example of something that is around 25 feet long, is a 2 car garage. 

If you have a medium sized 2 car garage, most likely it will have the dimensions of 20 feet wide x 24 feet long which is only 1 foot short of 25 feet.

Picturing a 2 car garage will give you an idea of how long 25 feet is.

8. Half of a semi-truck trailer

Most trailers that are hauled by semi trucks will be 53 feet long. 

Some are smaller at around 48 feet long.

If you could cut one of these trailers in half and measure it, it would be just over 25 feet long. 

9. 5 Queen size mattresses

The most common choice for mattress size by many people is the queen size.

The queen-size mattress has the dimensions of 60 inches x 80 inches which is equal to 5 feet x 6.66 feet.

Picturing 5 queen-sized mattresses placed together side by side will be an example of something that is 25 feet long.

10. 20 Bowling pins

If you like to bowl, then you are familiar with bowling pins.

Each of the bowling pins measure 15 inches tall which is 3 inches over 1 foot tall.

20 bowling pins placed one on top of each other, would equal 300 inches which is exactly 25 feet. 

So picture 20 bowling pins together to get an idea of something that equal 25 feet long.

11. 2.5 Alligators

A fully grown adult alligator will vary in length from 10 to 14 feet long. 

This means that 2.5 adult alligators together would measure close to 25 feet long if each one was 10 feet long.

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