Examples Of Things That Weigh 25 Kilograms

8 Examples Of Things That Weigh 25 Kilograms

In this article, you will see a list of items that weigh 25 kilograms. 

25 Kilograms is a common weight for many items but lifting this amount of weight can be difficult for many people.

Some people may not be familiar with kilograms as a unit of measurement, so converting it to pounds is simple by multiplying the number by 2.2. 

25 kilograms is equal to just over 55 pounds. 

To give you an idea of how heavy 25 kilograms is, refer to the following items. 

Examples Of Things That Weigh 25 Kilograms

Medium-sized dog

Depending on the breed of dog, their weight can vary. A medium-sized dog can range in weight from 24 to 55 pounds. The high end of this range of 55 pounds is equal to 25 kilograms. 

A good example of a medium-sized dog that weighs 25 kilograms is an English bulldog. A male bulldog when fully grown will weigh between 50-55 pounds which is close to 25 kilograms. 

If you have ever picked up a full-grown English bulldog, you will know what 25 kilograms feel like. 

adult english bulldog

Bag of sand

Bags of sand are available in different sizes. Depending on what you are using the sand for, you can buy a small 5-pound bag or a large bag over 50 pounds. 

If you need a large bag of sand for a sandbox, gardening, or your driveway, chances are you will buy the heavier bag that has more sand. 

These bags of sand are usually sold in 50-pound bags. Although 50 pounds is not exactly 25 kilograms, it serves as a good reference. 

65-inch tv

One of the best items to use when referencing weight is a tv. There are so many different sizes and brands of TVs on the market today and they keep getting lighter over time. 

New TVs these days weigh a fraction of what they used to weigh. For example, a new 65-inch flat-screen tv can weigh anywhere from 50-60 pounds with the average being 55 pounds or 25 kilograms. 

A very common 65-inch tv is the Samsung QLED which weighs 53.8 pounds. Referencing this exact tv will show you how heavy 25 kilograms is.

wall mounted tv above stand

2 Office chairs

It’s safe to say that not all office chairs are the same size or weight. Some office chairs are made out of different materials, have a variety of features, and are designed for various purposes. 

Therefore when referencing the weight of an office chair, it’s best to use the average weight. The average-sized chair being used in many offices weighs between 10-15 kilograms with the average weight being 12.5 kilograms. 

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If you had 2 of the same chairs together, their weight would equal close to 25 kilograms.

pair of black office chairs

Tire and rim

The biggest factors that determine the weight of a tire are the size and type of tire. A smaller tire generally weighs less than a larger tire. 

Adding the tire onto a rim will increase the total weight. For example, a standard passenger car tire weighs around 10 kilograms or 22 pounds. A standard size rim for the same tire weighs around 15 kilograms or 33 pounds.

Together they will weigh very close to 25 kilograms. 

stack of car tires

10 Packages of printer paper

Most people are familiar with a package of standard-size printer paper. They normally come in a pack of 500 sheets each. Some can be bought with 1000 sheets per pack.

Standard printer paper has a weight of 20 lb bond. This means that the paper with a standard size of a 17” x 22” sheet weighs 20 pounds for 500 sheets.

Once the paper is cut and put into a package, 500 sheets will weigh around 5 pounds and 1000 sheets will weigh 10 pounds. 

Therefore, a normal 500 sheet package of printer paper that you can buy at an office supply store weighs 5 pounds each. 10 of these packs will weigh 50 pounds in total which is only a few kilograms shy of 25 kilograms. 

Glass aquarium

For people who keep home aquariums, you will be familiar with how much an empty glass aquarium weighs. The type of glass used during construction and the size of the aquarium will determine the weight. 

An empty glass aquarium will weigh much less when empty compared to when it’s full of water. 

One of the most common sizes for a home aquarium is a 40-gallon. This aquarium has the dimensions of 36” x 18” x 15” and has an empty weight of around 55 pounds which is 25 kilograms. 

empty glass aquariums

5 Bags of potatoes

As potatoes are so common and most people are familiar with them, I like to use them as a weight reference. 

Available at most farmer’s markets and grocery stores, potatoes can be bought in a variety of types and sizes. One of the most commonly purchased sized bag of potatoes is 10 pounds or 4.53 kilograms. 

The number of potatoes inside a 10-pound bag can vary depending on the sizes of the potatoes in the bag. 

If you had 5 bags of 10-pound bags of potatoes, they would equal 50 pounds or 22.67 kilograms. Although this is not exactly 25 kilograms, it is a great reference for something that is close to weighing 25 kilograms. 

bag of potatoes

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