How Far Can A Motorcycle Go On A Tank Of Gas?

How Far Can A Motorcycle Go On A Tank Of Gas?

Last updated on December 22nd, 2023 at 04:48 pm

Do you love to ride? Knowing how far a motorcycle can go on a tank of gas is crucial for trip planning. Not all motorcycles are the same with regards to fuel burn and there are many factors that can affect the overall range from a full tank of gas.

This article will show you exactly how far a motorcycle can go on a full tank of gas with examples of some of the most common rides on the market today.

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How Far Can A Motorcycle Go On A Tank Of Gas?

On average, a motorcycle can go between 150 and 250 miles on a full tank of gas. Certain bikes may only get 120 miles on a full tank while others can get up to 350 miles on a full tank.

  • Sport bikes: 120 – 250 miles range
  • Touring motorcycles: 200 – 350 miles range
  • Cruising motorcycles: 140 – 240 miles range

Factors that affect motorcycle gas mileage

The main factors that determine how far a motorcycle can travel on a full tank of gas are the size of the gas tank and the overall fuel burn.

Motorcycle tank capacity

The size of a motorcycle tank can range from 2 – 10 gallons with the most common sizes being between 3 – 6 gallons.

For the most part, motorcycles with a larger fuel tank capacity will have a longer fuel range. Although that is not always the case.

For example, a motorcycle that has a tank capacity of 10 gallons will travel farther than a motorcycle with a tank capacity of 3 gallons. Unless the bike with the larger tank size has a very poor fuel burn!

Motorcycle fuel burn

Speaking of fuel burn, the average fuel burn for a motorcycle ranges from 30 – 40 miles per gallon (MPG). Certain bikes can get more and some will get less. Sport bikes can get up to 80 MPG.

A motorcycle that gets 30 miles per gallon (MPG), will travel less distance than a motorcycle that gets 40 miles per gallon (MPG).

Driving style

Your driving style also is a factor when considering how far you can travel on a full tank of gas. Like many vehicles, aggressive driving always results in poor performance, more fuel burn, and less mileage.

Aggressive driving can result in about half of the overall mileage when compared to normal driving styles. With a motorcycle that normally gets 250 miles of range, it’s possible to only get 125 miles of range if you drive it aggressively.

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Weather conditions

Weather conditions also plays a role in determining the distance you can travel out of a full tank of gas. Strong winds, rain, snow, and cold temperature can all have negative effects on mileage.

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Motorcycle weight

Not all motorcycles are the same weight. Also, certain motorcycles can carry more weight than others. Motorcycles that are heavier and carry more weight will generally burn more fuel resulting in poorer performance compared to a lighter motorcycle.

The overall distance travelled on a full tank of gas will be lower with a heavier motorcycle.

Motorcycle maintenance

Maintaining a motorcycle in top shape will greatly improve the overall performance and distance travelled on a full tank of gas.

Performing regular maintenance like filter changes, spark plug and carburetor, cleaning, proper tire inflation, and more will go a long way in determining the overall MPG of your motorcycle.

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The roads you travel on also determines motorcycle gas mileage. If you ride on clean, paved roads that are level, you will get better fuel performance compared to roads with many hills or dirt roads with bumps and potholes.

Highway driving will also improve fuel economy compared to city driving. It’s possible to increase the overall distance travelled on a full tank of gas by around 20% when driving on the highway compared to the city.

On average, a motorcycle can travel between 150-250 miles on a tank of gas.

Motorcycle examples with fuel range

The following is a list of motorcycles showing the fuel range of each.

  • Honda CBR650R: Range 150 miles @ 45 MPG
  • Honda CBR500R: Range 250 miles @ 72 MPG
  • Yamaha FJR1300ES: Range 208 miles @ 36 MPG
  • Honda Rebel 1100: Range 150 miles @ 40 MPG

Calculating fuel range of a motorcycle

Using a simple formula, you can calculate how many miles you can travel on a certain amount of gas. You need to know the motorcycle’s MPG and the amount of gas in the tank.

Amount of fuel in gallons x MPG = Distance in miles

For example, if you have a motorcycle with 4 gallons in the tank and averages 40 MPG, you can travel 160 miles.

4 x 40 = 160.

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10 Tips for improving motorcycle fuel economy

Use the following tips to help improve the fuel economy of your motorcycle.

  • Keep your tires at the proper pressure
  • Avoid aggressive driving – take it easy on the throttle
  • Clean filters and plugs
  • Keep your chain clean and lubricated
  • Reduce the amount of weight
  • Maintain regular oil changes
  • Avoid rough roads
  • Plan your trip in favourable weather conditions
  • Use fuel additives to keep injectors clean
  • Wear aerodynamic gear and reduce items that create drag

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