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Sizes Of Beds In Order From Smallest To Largest: Bed Sizing Guide

Buying a bed of the right size, material and density is critical to getting quality rest. Of course, the number of sleepers you need to accommodate and the amount of personal space you all need for comfort must also be taken into consideration.

If you have the space, a larger bed is generally more comfortable. However, if you need storage under the bed, it’s best to give yourself a bit more real estate around the bed.

This article will show you the actual dimensions of beds in order of smallest to largest.

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Adult Bed Sizes, Smallest to Largest


A standard twin bed is 38 inches by 75 inches. For strictly solo sleepers, a twin bed can be quite comfortable.

While the twin mattress is probably less costly than a full or a queen mattress, today’s mattress manufacturers are doing a good job of producing a quality bed on a small scale.

Use these new technologies to determine your comfort level. If you’re a hot sleeper, look for hybrid construction that features both foam and coils for better airflow. If you’re a side sleeper, look for a softer twin mattress to give you more flex as you snuggle in.

Finding the right density in a less costly mattress will give you more confidence when it’s time to buy a larger mattress.

If you go with a twin, you will have many options in terms of organizing your sleeping space.

A twin on a tall frame can provide you with plenty of easily accessible storage underneath. You can also loft your twin bed for even more room.

twin mattress dimensions

XL Twin

An XL Twin is 38 inches by 80 inches. Even if you’re not tall, an XL twin can be a great purchase. For example, you may sleep with a pet. One small dog or cat can take up a lot of real estate in your twin bed.

The XL option gives you the same furniture-arranging flexibility as a standard twin but will allow you just a bit more space.

twin xl mattress dimensions


A full-size mattress is 54 inches by 75 inches. Like the twin, full-size beds are generally intended for just one sleeper.

Unless you and your partner are fairly small or fond of cuddling, a full will not give you the room you need to be comfortable.

Sleeping temperature is a factor that needs to be carefully considered when choosing a mattress.

Latex foam technology has greatly improved over the years; many who choose to sleep on memory foam may be delighted at the new cooling technologies found in these mattresses.

However, if you are a chronically hot sleeper or tend to kick off the blankets in your sleep, you may be much more comfortable with a latex mattress that’s been perforated for airflow.

A traditional mattress with springs may also be a better option.

Standard bed sizes of us (United States of America) Full size 54 x 75 inches perspective 3d with dimension top front side and back view illustration outline set black and white color


A queen mattress is 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. Tall people often love to sleep solo in a queen, though this mattress can be quite suitable for couples as well.

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Do take careful measurements of your bedroom before setting up a queen frame, especially if you want to add storage drawers or bins under the bed. Make sure you have plenty of space to roll out those containers.

When you’re ordering a new mattress, take a look at the delivery weight. It’s entirely possible to get a large new mattress in a very small box, but even a twin mattress can be surprisingly heavy.

Delivery to your door may not be enough to get your new mattress on your bed.

Standard bed sizes of us (United States of America) Queen size 60 x 80 inches perspective 3d with dimension top front side and back view illustration outline set black and white color


The king mattress is 76 inches by 80 inches. Two hot sleepers may find this bed a perfect choice for cool sleep and togetherness.

There’s enough real estate across the top of a king mattress to allow everyone a spot to snuggle in or stretch out as they choose.

If your bed contains 2 adults and a pet, make room for the king mattress.

Unless you need the extra length of a California king, this bed is wide enough to allow your dog or cat plenty of room without pushing you out of bed.

Standard bed sizes of us (United States of America) King size 76 x 80 inches perspective 3d with dimension top front side and back view illustration outline set black and white color

California King

The California king mattress is 72 inches by 84 inches. It’s slightly narrower and a bit longer than the standard king.

However, if you’re tall enough that a California king can negate the need to sleep diagonally, this mattress size can help you sleep more comfortably.

This slightly narrower mattress can also give you more flexibility in your furniture arrangement.

Most of the real estate under a king or California king mattress is lost; these larger beds will need framing members down the center and any containers you choose to put under the bed will need to be small and light.

However, if you want a frame with attached drawers, you’ll have more pull-out clearance under the California king.

Standard bed sizes of us (United States of America) California King size 72 x 84 inches perspective 3d with dimension top front side and back view illustration outline set black and white color

Wyoming King

The Wyoming king is 84 inches by 84 inches. If you and your partner are running out of room in a California king, this is a nice upgrade.

wyoming king mattress dimensions

Texas King

If your bedroom is big enough, the Texas king offers 98 inches of width and is 80 inches long. This is a great family bed for those who choose to co-sleep.

Make sure you have plenty of clearance all the way around the sides and foot of this bed; making it will require a lot of movement.

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Alaskan King

This bed is 108 inches by 108 inches. Try to set it on a frame that is high enough that your robot vacuum can get under there.

Once you set up this frame, you’re going to want to leave it be.

A word about linens: Any time you buy a new mattress, go ahead and invest in a bed sack and a breathable waterproof cover.

Anybody can spill a glass of wine or drop a cup of coffee.

Children and pets create even more hazards for your bed. Washing the sheets in an emergency may be time-consuming, but trying to clean and dry out your new mattress will be much worse.

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