How Long Is 5 Meters?

How Long Is 5 Meters? (Great Examples)

This article will show you how long 5 meters is with examples.

5 meters is a short length that you can see visually.

If you are looking to find out how long 5 meters is, referencing this measurement with the length of other items to help give you a sense of this length.

5 meters is a length that you can measure with a standard measuring tape.

But if you don’t have a measuring tape handy, getting a sense of exactly how long 5 meters is can be difficult.

I have compiled a list of items for you to reference when determining how long 5 meters is. 

5 meters equals 16.40 feet or 500 centimeters.


A canoe is a very popular lightweight boat that has pointed ends. Canoes are moved by using paddles in the water to help steer and control speed. 

Canoes can vary in size with the average length being 16 feet or 4.87 meters long. It’s common to see a canoe that is between 14-17 feet long. 

The average size canoe is a great reference for something that is 5 meters long. 

5 Guitars

If you are a guitar player, you will be familiar with the size of them. Although not all guitars are the same size, on average a guitar is 3 feet or 1 meter long.

Therefore if you had 5 guitars placed together in a row, they would equal 5 meters long and be a good example of something that measures 5 meters in length.

4 Red Kangaroo’s

The Red Kangaroo is a larger Kangaroo found in Australia. These animals have very long and powerful legs with males being orange and red in color with females being mostly grey.

The Red Kangaroo has a body length of 1 to 1.4 meters in length with males being slightly larger than females.

If the average body length is just over 1 meter long, picturing 4 of these kangaroos would give you an idea of how long 5 meters is.  

8 Mini refrigerators

Mini refrigerators are a great item to reference for size purposes.

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Many people will use a mini-fridge for apartments or dorms, and on average they are around 2 feet tall.

If you can picture 8 mini refrigerators placed together in a row, they would equal 16 feet long which is just short of being 5 meters long.

5.5 Yards on a football field

Many football fans are familiar with the yard line markings on a football field. The distance in between each yard line is 1 yard or 3 feet long.

5 Meters is equal to 16.4 feet or 500 centimeters.

There are 100 yards between the goal lines on a football field separated by yard lines. 

If you measure the distance between yard lines which is 1 yard or 0.91 meters, you would need 5.5 yards to equal the length of 5 meters long. 

3 Loveseats

The dimensions of a loveseat can vary as they are not all the same size. Loveseats are smaller than a full-size sofa with small loveseats being 52 inches long, the medium is 58 inches long, and the large being 64 inches long.

As a large loveseat is 64 inches or just over 5 feet long each, placing 3 loveseats together in a row would equal close to 16 feet long which is close to 5 meters long

7 Tennis racquets

Certain pieces of sports equipment can be useful for referencing size. A tennis racquet is a great example. Like most sports gear, they can vary in size. A kid’s tennis racquet will be smaller than an adult one.

Most adult tennis racquets are 27 inches long which is 3 inches longer than 2 feet. One racquet is 0.68 meters long and therefore 7 tennis racquets will equal 189 inches or 4.8 meters long which is just short of measuring 5 meters in length. 

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